Blazer Edit

The blazer was a small, handheld device that could fire various types of energy. Craig Robinson calibrated them to fire negative energy to help battle the Tyranos.

Bug Edit

The bug was an all-terrain vehicle that was stored aboard the Jupiter 2. It was unloaded when Craig Robinson and his crew had need of land or water transportation.

Flying Platform Edit

The Flying Platforms of the Tyranos were controlled by a magnetic power source. Their control panels were exceedingly simple: the left button was for descent, the right button for lift-off and the center button for propulsion.

Jupiter 2 (animated)

The space shuttle Jupiter 2 was commanded by Craig Robinson. It was a rocket ship but had a large cockpit that seated at least five people. It includes power pods and retro-rockets for propulsion. It is also equipt with an astrogator, although it is not like the version in the TV series. which can be operated from the main control panel. it also has escape pods, enough to fit the entire crew, although it is uncler where these are stored. It was on a mission from Earth to Saturn when it was swept off course by a meteor storm and may have passed through a space warp, which would explain how it reached another solar system.

Power Pod

The power pods were the power source for the Jupiter 2's engines in the 1973 animated episode of Lost in Space.

Space AcademyEdit

The Space Academy was the institution from which Craig Robinson was recently graduated when he took command of the Jupiter 2.

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