A guest here said: Background Information: A great deal of these notes appear to be nothing more than disparaging remarks about the episodes. They don't belong in a category intended as 'background information', and certainly do not appear to be written by a fan.

This is a really negative way about viewing things. This wiki is setup so that people can add their views on the background information. None of the posters dislike Lost In Space, but are asking questions about the series...things they didn't understand. The show often left things open-ended...Like...Whatever happened to the fake plant Judy Robinson? What became of the little pooch that was in One of our Dogs is missing! We never saw him again. This isn't disrespectful at all. Neither is pointing out some flaws in the episodes. LOTS of episodes had flaws in them. Die-Hard LIS fans do point out these flaws...but they noticed them because they love LIS so much...flaws in all.

I personally enjoy reading a story synopsis that somebody wrote that points out some of these things. It's great reading somebody else's views about the show. Some of them are hysterically funny. I know one guy who's nailed Dr. Smith to the cross in some of the articles here....but the guy LOVES Dr. Smith...and Jonathan Harris. So, my suggestion would be to just lighten up...everybody here loved the series. Warts and all.

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