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Don West
Wild adventure don
Portrayed By Mark Goddard
Matt LeBlanc
LIS Don West
First Appearance "No Place to Hide"
Last Appearance "Junkyard of Space"
Gender Male
Race Human
Also Known As Major West. Don , Dr. West (in unaired pilot and 1967 novel)
Romances Judy Robinson
Affiliations United Global Space Force (Movie) United States Space Corps, United States Air Force, Alpha Control
Father Col.Mark West (According To Alpha Control Reference Manuel)
Brother(s) 6 (Unamed) (According to Alpha Control Reference Manuel
Son(s) Joshua Robinson West (in Voyage to the bottom of the Soul graphic novel

Major Don West is the pilot of the Jupiter 2. According to the Alpha Control Reference Manuel, Don was born in New York, New York, on July 24, 1973. Description: Height: 6' Weight: 160 Pounds Eyes: Hazel Hair: Brown Rank: Major. Hobbies: Flying, Cars, Contact Sports, Boxing. Donald West was born on July 24, 1973, the sixth child of a recently retired Air Force pilot, Col. Mark West, and his wife Doreen. Don grew up in the sprawling city of New York, and had a normal childhood with above average grades at Robert G. Ingersoll High School in Brooklyn.

At 24, Major Don West is very young for his part as the pilot of the Jupiter-2 expedition, but very experienced. His schooling was a geologist, at which he excelled. Surprisingly, to his friends, he joined the Air Force, but this was so that he could take astronaut training. The geology of a single planet didn't interest him much - he was after the challenge of taking his samples from other planets.

A physical individual, he found that the training was comparatively simple and enjoyable. He was a shuttle scientist at 23, then trained to pilot his next mission. With the inaugration of the Jupiter-2 project, he was selected for being proficient in both fields, and for his youth and experience. Don got along very well with the Robinson family, particularly with the elder daughter, Judy Robinson. A handsome young man, Don had his share of female company, and to his trained eye, Judy was very fine company indeed!

Don's military training has proved useful in resolving a number of tense moments. He is also adept at overpowering aliens with his strength but despite this, he has suffered injuries more than anyone else in the crew. This may be partly due to the fact that he has a weakness to concussions which makes it easier for him to fall unconscious if he hits his head hard. Don has a varied rapport with the others on the mission. If it was up to Don, Dr. Smith would be left behind. Don respects Professor Robinson, but sometimes questions his judgement. He is obviously attracted to Judy, but his feelings for her are often implied rather than revealed. Despite being a top-notch pilot, Don seems to have a problem avoiding crash landings. Don often reveals a violent temper, which is often subdued by Professor Robinson. During the latter of the series, Don showed signs of mental instabilities. Don being killed of as a character in the un-made 4th season was considered, according to fan rumour.

Pilot Don WestEdit

Pilot Don West
Portrayed By Mike Erwin
Only Appearance "The Robinsons: Lost in Space"
First Appearance 2004 Unaired Pilot
Gender Male
Race Human
Also Known As Pilot West
Romances Judy Robinson
Affiliations United Global Space Force

Mike Erwin played Major Don West in the 2004 "The Robinsons - Lost In Space" unaired pilot. He is the youngest pilot to every command his own squad, and graduated at the top of his class. Don reveres his idol, military leader, John Robinson. Don attends a farewell party for the retiring John Robinson...and there he meets Judy, however he has no idea that Judy is John Robinson's daughter. Later that same night, Judy sneaks out of the house to meet the handsome young pilot...and they become lovers for her last night on Earth. Later, aboard the Space Station Jupiter, Don meets Judy again...however he discovers that she is actually the daughter of his idol, Military Leader John Robinson. Terrified that he has put his military career in jeopardy by romancing Judy the night before, Don tells Judy to stay away from him and abruptly walks away. After the aliens attack the Space Station, Don finds Judy and leads her back to the Jupiter II Space Pod. Don is still aboard when the Pod jettisons from the space station leaving Don stranded aboard along with the Robinsons.


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