Laundry Machine
It’s the little things that make a house (or a spaceship marooned on an alien and hostile world) into a home. A surprising amount of care (not always consistent) seems to have been taken in making the Jupiter 2 and the Robinson’s campsite more ‘homely’ for the Robinsons. This was accomplished through the use of props and set dressing.
Hair Styling Machine

Examples of props that established the theme of home include such things as Maureen’s laundry machine and dishwasher, which both show up in the background or as “business” for Maureen in different scenes, and her table top cooker which is seen frequently throughout the first two seasons. A large chess set also appears quite often in the background of numerous episodes, and is seen in use in several more when members of the crew (including the Robot) are seen playing. An interesting item that appeared only once in "My Friend, Mr. Nobody" was a hair-styling machine. One selected a hairstyle from a catalogue, programmed the machine, then put on a cap (it looked suspiciously like a home hairdryer), and a few seconds later one had a new look.

Long Shot of Campsite

The most frequently seen example of set dressing in the series would be the Robinson’s outdoor dining room / kitchen / work area in front of the Jupiter 2. In the first season the dining table was covered with an awning, a rare nod to continuity as Priplanus had notoriously variable weather. The table and chairs used were clearly collapsible “camp” furniture, despite the chairs being cushioned. In one episode, when Dr. Smith is inexplicably absent from a meal, Don lifts the Doctor’s empty chair and we are given a very good view of its construction. This area of the set is also the usual location for the laundry machine and dish washer; on one occasion, the hair styling machine appeared (I could never tell if Judy’s hair was any different afterward).

Space Furniture

The Robinsons also had a living room of sorts. Most frequently seen in the second season, this consisted of chairs and a low table being set on the upper deck of the Jupiter 2 just inside the air lock. Although many viewers might not be aware of it, this “set within a set” was used with some frequency in the second season. The orange chairs occasionally appeared in other locations around the ship when a spare seat was necessary.

Only one thing was truly lacking to make the Jupiter 2 a home… plumbing. As Bill Mumy observed with tongue in cheek in an interview, there were three models of the Jupiter 2 used in the series—and none of them had a bathroom.

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