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Judy Robinson
Portrayed By Marta Kristen
Gender Female
Race Human
Romances Don West
Mother Maureen Robinson (Original Series Role)
Father John Robinson (Original Series Role)
Brother(s) Will Robinson (Original Series Role)
Sister(s) Penny Robinson (Original Series Role)

Basic Information:

  • Full name: Judith Elana Robinson
  • Birth date: February 26, 1978
  • Birth place: Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Height: 5 feet, 4 inches
  • Weight: 108 pounds
  • Eyes: Blue…Hair: Blonde
  • Hobbies/interests: Acting, singing, popular music and "sleeping in late"

The original pilot introduces Judy as: Judith, aged 19, who heroicly postponed all hopes in the musical/comedy field for at least two centuries.

Judy Robinson was a "backward, shy" child who had trouble making friends, partly because her parents were often away as they pursued their scientific careers. She spent a few years living with her Aunt Colleen in Los Angeles, where she became very close to her cousin, Joan--"a relationship that continued up to the day of the Jupiter 2 launch."

Judy became better adjusted as she entered her teenage years, and attracted quite a few boys. Her mother refused to let her date until age 16, however.

During her high-school years, she spent her summers at the United States Space Corps Training Center in Houston, Texas, where, in addition to studying academic subjects, she learned about survival in space, the operation of Jupiter 2 equipment, and spacewalking.

Although above average in intelligence, Judy did not inherit her parents' superior intellect. In her own words, she "never really cared much for school," but found she was talented at acting, singing and dancing. She planned to pursue a career in one of those areas.

Her plans had to change when the Robinson family was chosen for the colonization mission. "Always emotional and slightly rebellious," Judy didn't want to join her family on the mission at first.

She changed her mind when Major Donald West was selected to be the Jupiter 2's pilot. They "hit it off immediately" because of their complimentary personalities: Both are impulsive, but Judy is compassionate and caring, while Don is, in her father's words, "a real hothead." Though she once complained to her mother that she didn't have more men to choose from, Judy and Don have become very close while lost in space.

Judy was portrayed by Marta Kristen.

Judy RobinsonEdit

Judy Robinson
Portrayed By Adrianne Palicki
Only Appearance "The Robinsons: Lost in Space"
First Appearance 2004 Unaired Pilot
Gender Female
Race Human
Romances Don West
Mother Dr. Maureen Robinson
Father Colonel John Robinson
Brother(s) Will Robinson
David Robinson
Sister(s) Penny Robinson

Adrianne Palicki played Judy in an unaired 2004 pilot, "The Robinsons - Lost In Space," which never was broadcast. In this version, Judy was possibly the first or second child of John and Maureen Robinson. Judy is a teenager, and has a teenage brother named David, a ten-year-old brother named Will who happens to be a genius, and an infant sister named Penny. (Note: Both David and Judy Robinson appear to be about the same age. It is possible that they are fraternal twins. However, there is no way to prove this). This version of Judy was very outgoing. She had few friends due to her military father and was constantly moving as a child. As a teen, Judy grew quite headstrong and occasionally rebelled against her parents. Judy fell passionately in love with Major Don West, who she met at a going away party. Instead of the silver astronaut suit, these Robinsons wore a two piece white suit that was closable all the way to the collar.

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