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Jupiter 2
LIS Jupiter 2 02
The Jupiter 2 in space
Owner(s) United Global Space Force
Type spaceship
Movie Lost in Space (1998)

Jupiter 2 was a spaceship designed and constructed by the United Global Space Force and was meant to take the Robinson Family to the planet Alpha Prime orbiting in the solar system of Alpha Centauri. It was here, that the Robinson Family would help with completion of the Hypergate; which thereby, would allow the one back on earth to connect the two so as to allow the human species to journey to another planet capable of sustaining life.

However, the mission was jeopardized when a lone rogue spy for the Global Sedition Force could sabotage the whole operation and thereby prevent the Robinson Family from reaching their destination. The mission was a failure and the crew and the spaceship Jupiter 2 were now lost in empty space.


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