I have uploaded part of the intro to Condemned of Space S3Ep1 in WIDESCREEN from the Bluray bonus disc material and the link to watch it is here:

Please bear in mind that this clip is just under 3 mins and is 485mb in size (at 24mbits per second BRay) and there will be some degradation by the time Vimeo rejigs it's quality on their website

It looks great in Widescreen however there is some trade-off in re-cropping of the 1.33 original episode to widescreen.  For example in the credits for Billy Mumy and Angela Cartwright you can see part of the graphics in the top and bottom of the screen just chopped off.   I have not yet to do a full comparison of the original 1.33 to this version in 1.78 AR to see what else may be missed but will do so and report at a future date



wikia user:Slyufo

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