The blarp was an alien creature , described in the script and some spinoff novels as a "lizard monkey" encountered by the crew of the Jupiter 2 in the 1998 Lost in Space movie. This creature was first discovered by the crew on the Proteus , apparently the child of aliens who encountered the ship in deep space . this backstory is implied in the script, where the parents actually appear, but is left unclear in the actual film. eventually he was rescued from the space spiders and became Penny's pet and companion.


  • Blarp was envisioned as an update forfor the character of Debbie on the original Lost in Space TV series. Though originally portrayed by an animatronic puppet, this was replaced with cgi in the actual movie
  • The Blarp had the ability to change color. In the unproduced sequel movie, Penny would have also developed this ability.
  • Some spinoff novels describe the Blarps eyes as blue- it is possible that they can change color as well.
  • The script calls this lifeform-"blip", many spinoff novels call them "blawp"
  • The young adult series "Lost in Space: The New Journeys " shows the blarps homeworld in #4: Journey to the Planet of the Blawps. Other books in this series frequently include the Blarp, sometimes conflicting with what was shown in the movie by saying the Blarp was found on a planet or in another dimension.


A buisnessman of the Global Sedition, this role was originally slated to be played by Jonathan Harris as a cameo but Harris turned it down not willing to appear as any character other than Doctor Smith. This character hired Smith to sabotage the Jupiter 2 , but later betrayed him, leaving him stranded as the ship launched. He only appears in the film via hologram, his position in the Sedition and other details are left unclear, but it was shown that he wanted to stop the Jupiter Mission at all costs.

Dr. SmithEdit

Dr. Smith was played by actor Gary Oldman in the 1998 Lost in Space movie. His character is similar to the original as first depicted, in the sense that this Smith also decided to try to sabotage the Jupiter mission, but this Smith is slightly more evil seeming. He is bitten by a space spider encountered aboard the wreak of the Proteus, and eventually mutates into the character "Spider Smith." which only existed in the alternate or time warp future dimension. His fate after this is unclear in the film, but he is still is a major character in the spinoff novels. He claims to have fought in "The Millenial Wars".


  • In real life around the Millenial time period a Conflict was being fought known as the War on Terrorism. Its possible that due to Smith oppsing the united world governments Jupiter missions in the 2050s ,that Smith might have always been on this other side and thus he might have been helping the Anti-Allied faction in the Millienial Wars as well and in our own universe he would have been siding with the Terrorists in the War on Terrorism.


Mark Goddard portrayed the role of the General who gives Major Don West his orders in the 1998 Lost in Space movie. He is affiliated with the Jupiter Mission and John Robinson. Though played by Mark Goddard, he is a different character than the original Major West, known as Ben- the novelization calls him General Benjamin Hess.

Jeb WalkerEdit

Jeb Walker was a character in the 1998 Lost in Space movie. He was a close friend of Manor Don West, and led the Proteus expedition to search for the Jupiter 2, his eventual fate unknown.

John RobinsonEdit

William Hurt played Professor John Robinson in the movie version of Lost In Space. John spent most of his time away from his family and is very estranged with them. John's father was also a great military Colonel, and it's apparent that John viewed his father in a very poor light.

John created a "star gate" like device he called the gateway and sometimes the "space gateway" also known as "Jumpgate" in other universes, that could be traveled with a warp field. In the movie, this was called the Hypergate. He is also credited with developing the Jupiter 2s own hyperengine. John and his family were traveling to another planet, Alpha Prime to colonize. It would take about 10 years to reach this planet, so John and his family were to travel to the planet, set up the gateway so that other colonists could reach the planet via space warp.

Unfortunately a saboteur prevented this from happening. After a lot of drama the Robinson's kill some deadly space spiders, travel through a time warp...then realize they're lost in space. Many fans were disappointed with this movie versions depiction of the character .Many also agree that William Hurt didn't exactly shine in his portrayal , which was very different from the original series role. .

Judy RobinsonEdit

Judy Robinson (1998 Movie Role)Edit

Heather Graham portrayed the part of Judy Robinson in the movie version of Lost in Space. In this version, Judy is a medical doctor and in charge of medicine on board the Jupiter 2. She almost died after reawakening from the freezing tube. She occasionally flirts with, then ignores Major Don West. She's also known to pour a glass of water atop Major West's head... then later kiss him.

Maureen RobinsonEdit

Maureen Robinson (1998 Movie Role)Edit

Mimi Rogers portrayed the movie version of Maureen Robinson in the 1998 movie Lost in Space. This version of Maureen was a bit more feisty than the original. Some consider this perhaps the best character in the movie version. According to many fans, Most of the other characters were flat...or stale.

Mike DanielsEdit

Mike Daniels was a American pilot in the United Global Space Force Specifically the United States Space Corps, He was slated to be the pilot on the Jupiter Mission but was assassinated by the Global Sedition. The UGSF issued a statement that Daniels was sick with the flu so as not to alarm the public. They then replaced him with Major Don West.

Minor CharactersEdit

Global Sedition Attack PilotEdit

The Global Sedition attack pilot appears briefly in the opening scenes of the 1998 Lost in Space movie.

Lab TechnicianEdit

The lab technician was a character in the 1998 Lost in Space movie.

Noah FreemanEdit

Noah Freeman was a character in the 1998 Lost in Space movie portrayed by John Sarian.

Principal CartwrightEdit

Principal Cartwright was a character in the 1998 Lost in Space movie.

Reporter 1Edit

Reporter 1 was a character in the 1998 Lost in Space movie.

Reporter 2Edit

Reporter 2 was a character in the 1998 Lost in Space movie.

Penny RobinsonEdit

Penny Robinson (1998 Movie Role)Edit

Lacey Chabert portrayed Penny in the movie version of Lost in Space. This Penny is less innocent and imaginative than the original. She is also 4 years older. In the movie, this interpretation of Penny sneaks out the window (with a rope ladder) to meet her freinds a day before the Jupiter 2 launch. .This Penny absolutely HATES the idea of going into outer space and wants to remain on Earth. Her specialty is communications and "Video Mechanics" and she is glued to her personal communication device... often making notes with an audio diary on said communication device. Most of what she says is adolescent drivel... like how she'll miss boys and kissing. Oh... did I mention kissing? This Penny is also often seen smarting off to her parents, and considers herself a captive on the Jupiter 2.

Rambler-Crane Series RobotEdit

The Rambler-Crane Series Robot is a newer model of The Robot designed for the Jupiter 2, in the Lost in Space (1998) Movie. This robot was much larger than the original B-9 Robot. This robot was enormous. It was mostly grayish and headless, with a red spherical shape near the top (which could possibly be the head). The top region was extremely large and bulky with many sensors. The top also possessed two large arms that ended with three tripod-like claws.

The middle section also had sensors and a smaller pair of arms. The
arms appear to end with some type of gadget or instrument. The lower section was entirely made up of treads. The treads are huge and can make the robot achieve high speeds. The treads can also be used to raise the robot higher or lower. All spaceships are equipped with their own Rambler-Crane Robot. The robot had a similar voice to the original B-9 Robot, however the newer version had a much deeper and harsher sound. The original directives of the Robot was to protect the family and maintain all the ships systems during the 10 year journey. However The Robot was reprogrammed by Dr. Smith and went berserk in it's efforts to destroy the Jupiter 2 and the crew. However Will was able to regain control of the robot by hacking in and overriding Smiths programming. The robot accompanied John, Judy, West and Smith onboard the Proteus station found drifting in space being controlled by Will. Encountering the Space Spiders that infested the station, Will activated the holographic interface for the Robot in order to control it more faster as his normal controls were too slow to react to the fast moving spiders. In an effort to get them back to the ship, Will had the Robot charge through the bulkhead leading into the Jupiter 2 but lost an arm in the process. Will then moved the Robot at the opening to block the spiders advance. The family was forced to leave it on the Proteus as Will said moving him would let the spiders on to the ship. Before the robot was completely destroyed, Will managed to download parts of its program. Will then designed a much smaller sized robot. This robot more resembled the
Robo2 charging
original B-9 Robot from the series. This newer robot also had a bubble head that was held above a round cylinder. Below this was a chest that also had a red built in light that blinked whenever the robot spoke. The chest area also had two arms, but instead of claws, each arm ended with a type of tool. The chest and treads were attached by a type of fulcrum that could help raise or lower the robot. The treads were large and flexible... they could also aid the robot with raising or lowering itself. These treads were also capable of fast movement. Will downloaded the first robot's program (that was destroyed by the spiders) into this new robot. Whatever information that was missing in the program, Will added his own personality, thus making this robot much more human.


Space SpidersEdit

Space Spiders are six legged insects. Their origin is unknown but the crew of the Jupiter 2 discovered them aboard the Proteus. They can eat through metal and have a jagged-toothed maw. they are the only lifeforms known to humans that are silicon based. They have an admantium shell and have the same communication abilities as bees, and are known for being attracted to light and heat. The spiders will bite and/or eat Humans. If a human is bitten and not killed by a spider, he or she slowly turns into a hybrid spider/human as evidenced by Dr. Smith. They are also known to kill and eat others of their kind.

On the Proteus, the spiders incubated in egg sacs attached to walls, floors, etc.



  • Though these creatures are referred to as spiders they only have six legs which makes them insects rather than arachnids.

Spider SmithEdit

Spider Smith was an alternative reality version of Dr. Smith who was mutated by the bite of a Space Spider.


Will RobinsonEdit

Will Robinson (1998 Movie Role)Edit

Will was played by Jack Johnson in the movie version. Will was extremely intelligent...but also precocious. He was constantly getting in trouble at school while on Earth. Will didn't seem to enthusiastic to leave Earth. In fact, he didn't seem too enthusiastic about anything accept getting in trouble... then trying to use his smarts with electronics to get him out of it.

Will also seemed to have difficulty with the relationship between him and his father. Father and son were not close at all... they acted more like strangers. Will also back-talked and sassed his mother and sisters. Both Will and his sister, Penny were pretty much obnoxious brats. Will was in charge of robotics and felt a deep attachment to the Robot. By the end of the movie, Will's attitude about space had changed drastically. Jared Harris also played an older version of Will in the movie.