Alpha Prime Edit

Alpha Prime is the destination of the Jupiter 2 in the Lost in Space 1998 movie. The United Global Space Force and the Global Sedition both wanted to colonize this world. It takes 10 years to reach this world from Earth. The mission of the Jupiter 2 was to travel to this world and construct a Hypergate similar to the one orbiting Earth, providing instantaneous access to the planet for colonists

The script states that the planet also has an abundance of Dimondium, a substance that could help restore a dying Earth. The unproduced sequel movie would have featured the Jupiter reaching Alpha Prime, only to discover that it had already been colonized by the Global Sedition.

Bubble Fighter Edit

The bubble fighter is a type of defensive and offensive spacecraft, similar to a fighter jet in purpose, that is seen in the 1998 Lost in Space movie. These advanced 10 billion dollar spacecraft were operated by the United Global Space Force. Their drive systems could jettison in an emergency.

Cryo-stasis Edit

Cryo-stasis was the technology used to put the crew of the Jupiter Mission into suspended animation for their journey to Alpha Prime. The capsules which the Robinsons are enclosed in are referred to as freezing tubes, which were featured in the original series. In the series, they involved "electromagnetic miracles" and a "cosmic glow" which are not apparent in the film.

Eagle One Edit

Major Don West flies a Bubble Fighter named Eagle One in the 1998 Lost in Space movie.

Global Sedition Edit

Global Sedition is an Earth-based organization. Its members disagree with the methods of the United Global Space Force. They are willing to commit acts of sabotage and terrorism in order to further their goals, to create their own Hypergate and reach Alpha Prime before the Jupiter Mission. One spinoff novel describes them as businessmen with their own plans for Alpha Prime. A member of Global Sedition hired Dr. Zachary Smith to sabotage the Jupiter Mission. The unproduced second film would have involved the Robinson's reaching Alpha Prime, only to discover the Sedition had already colonized that world. Basically, the Sedition plays the same role as Aeolus 14 Umbra in the series.

Houston Edit

Houston is the home of the Robinson family prior to their take-off on the Jupiter Mission in the 1998 Lost in Space movie. The Jupiter spacecraft was launched from here. The script describes it as a cityscape which has expanded into other regions such as Mexico as well.

Houston Middle School Edit

Houston Middle School was the school that Will Robinson attended. The principal was Principal Cartwright. The school had a science fair which Will frequently won first prize at. In the Lost in Space: The New Journeys novel "The Passengers", Will mentions that after taking a unit on mid-21st century transportation here- it is possible to get a transporter license and pop from class to class- contradicting the series, where matter transportation was unknown to Earth.

Jupiter 1 Edit

Jupiter 1 is a spacecraft from Earth in the Lost in Space movie. It is used to launch the Jupiter 2 into space. Resembling the original spacecraft from the series, it was powered by large rockets on its underside. In the Innovation Comics, a ship also called the Jupiter One was seen, a precursor to the original spacecraft. It was also mentioned in the the Alpha Control Reference Manual, both instances ambiguously canon. It was depicted as being destroyed in each of these appearances.


One source states that The Jupiter 1 was originally used for a 'near deep space' survey mission and returned successfully to Earth. When it was decided to take the Jupiter program in a different direction the Jupiter 2 was constructed on entirely different lines. At this point the hull of the Jupiter 1 was gutted and refurbished to serve as an element in the launching procedure of the Jupiter 2.

Jupiter 2 Edit

Jupiter 2 was a spaceship designed and constructed by the United Global Space Force and was meant to take the Robinson Family to the planet Alpha Prime orbiting in the solar system of Alpha Centauri (though this is not stated in the movie). It was here that the Robinson Family would help with completion of the Hypergate; which thereby, would allow the one back on earth to connect the two so as to allow the human species to journey to another planet capable of sustaining life.

The Jupiter 2 consisted of a shell, that resembled the saucer shaped star ship, from the series, while situated within a similar launch pad gantry system. The Jupiter 2 would lift off by conventional propulsion means into orbit and once above the Earth, would break apart revealing the actual Jupiter 2 star ship.

However, the mission was jeopardized when a lone rogue spy for the Global Sedition Force could sabotage the whole operation and thereby prevent the Robinson Family from reaching their destination. The mission was a failure and the crew and the spaceship Jupiter 2 were now lost in empty space. The Jupiter 2 was being drawn toward the sun, and Major West felt using the ship experimental drive, would propel the ship away from danger. Unfortunately, this was an uncharted jump and the Jupiter 2 leaped into uncharted deep space. The Craft was capable of landing and taking off from planets. It carried a Space Pod and Chariot which were mentioned as destroyed. Also onboard were several long range pods, seen in "The Passengers", a spinoff novel.

This Jupiter 2 is very different from the original ship. In most cases, the original interpretation is considered canon by fans.


Lost in Space: The New Journeys Edit

A series of young adult novels based on the movie, they included Robotworld, The Passengers, Perils of Quadrant X, Journey to the Planet of the Blawps, Warriors, and The Virus

Proteus Edit

The Proteus was an advanced ship built by the United Global Space Force to search for the Jupiter 2 when nothing was heard from them for many years. It was commanded by Jeb Walker.

The Proteus was infested by Space Spiders and all hands were killed. When the Jupiter 2 discovered the vessel, Major Don West destroyed it because the spider infestation posed an ongoing threat to anyone else who might encounter the ship. Blarp was discovered aboard the Proteus.

Silicon Graphics Corporation Edit

During the time of the Jupiter Mission, The Silicon Graphics Corporation was tasked with creating and mapping visuals of other known existing planets. The true potential and importance of the Corporation was never fully explored on-screen, but with the logo appearing in several different places though out the film, there's a good chance that their involvement was one of great importance.

Stargate Edit

A stargate, known as a hypergate in the movie, is the device allowing spaceships using hyperdrive to re-enter real space at a given location. Without stargate technology, spaceships would exit hyperspace at random locations.

United Global Space Force Edit

The United Global Space Force is an Earth organization which planned and launched the Jupiter Mission in the attempt to save the human species from extinction.

United Space Organization Edit

The United Space Organization was an agency which was somehow involved in the construction of the Jupiter 2. The name can be seen printed on the ships hull. It is unclear if this is another name for the United Global Space Force or a separate agency

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