Canopus Edit

Canopus is a star mentioned by John Robinson in the 1967 Lost in Space novel.

Cepheid Variable Edit

A Cepheid Variable is mentioned in the Lost in Space novel where John Robinson is able to use one to determine that they were in the Andromeda Galaxy. For further information, click here.

Qandry Edit

Qandry is a planet visited by the Jupiter 2 before the events of the 1967 LIS Novel. The civilization on the planet is notable for having mastered matter transmission.

Scoutcraft Edit

The scoutcraft is the Jupiter 2's secondary craft in the 1967 Lost in Space novel. in the third season of the television series, the Robinsons gained the space pod, but it is obviously not the same vessel as the scoutcraft. The scoutcraft was also called the flyer, and its size is unknown. It apparently has hyperdrive but is not capable of interstellar travel. It has several view plates which are tied in to the view plates of the Jupiter 2. It has a 10 foot ladder down its side and is located in the lower hull of the Jupiter 2 when not in use.

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