Forbidden Planet Edit

Forbidden planet poster

Forbidden Planet is a 1956 science fiction film about the mission of the crew of the United Planets Cruiser C-57d to the planet Altair 4. In some ways, it directly influenced Lost In Space—with Robby the Robot resembling the Robot and the C-57d resembling the Jupiter 2. Forbidden Planet's plot, however, more resembled the original concept for Star Trek than it did Lost in Space. It was also the first appearance of Robby the Robot who would later make two appearances on Lost in Space.

Foxstar Productions Edit

Foxstar logo

Foxstar Productions was the producer of Lost in Space soundtrack albums.

Land of the Giants Edit

Land of the Giants was an Irwin Allen-produced television series that ran for two seasons from 1968-1970. Many of the directors and writers who worked on the series also worked on Lost in Space, including: Sobey Martin, Nathan Juran and William Welch.

Robby the Robot Edit

"It is more than a is a robotoid,” said Robot B-9 about the robotoid in the Lost in Space episode “War of the Robots.” As in Forbidden PlanetRobby could replicate or repair items such as Maureen Robinson’s watch. Robby the Robot appeared in two Lost in Space episodes, in “War of the Robots,” where Will finds and repairs him, and in “Condemned of Space” as a guard equipped with a freezing gun aboard the prison ship. Robby the Robot was created by Robert Kinoshita at the MGM Prop Department in 1955 for the movie Forbidden Planet. Kinoshita also created the B9 Robot for Lost in Space. In “War of the Robots,” a Robotoid is described as being a robot with the additional faculty of independent decision making, regardless of programming.

Star Trek Edit


Star Trek was a television series originally aired from 1966-1969, overlapping the original broadcast of Lost in Space. CBS was originally offered this series,but turned it down in favor of Lost in Space. While the 2 shows are usually considered rivals, several unofficial crossovers exist. Bill Mumy himself,who appeared on one spinoff show, Deep Space 9, co-wrote 3 Star Trek comics which, though not canon, feature the Star Trek crew finding an alien family of explorers known as "The Worthy" which has more than a passing resembelence to the Robinsons.

The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen Edit

Fantasy worlds of irwin allen

The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen was a tribute programme to Irwin Allen highlighting his innovative contributions to film and television. It includes several cast members from Lost in Space as well as a partial reconstruction if the Jupiter 2 campsite.

The Simpsons Edit

The Simpsons is an animated television series. The Robot from Lost in Space made four appearances on the show in the following episodes:

  • "The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace" (#10.2) where the Robot is at Homer's imagined funeral.
  • "Mayored to the Mob" (#10.9) where Dr. Smith and The Robot are signing autographs at a convention.
  • "Treehouse of Horror X" (#11.4) where the Robot is among the Collector's kidnapped people.
  • "Treehouse of Horror XIV" (#15.1) where the Robot can be seen in the background of Dr. Frink's lab.

The Time Tunnel Edit

The Time Tunnel was an Irwin Allen-produced television series that ran for one season from 1966-1967. Many of the writers and directors who worked on The Time Tunnel also worked on Lost in Space, including: Nathan Juran, Sobey Martin and William Welch.

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