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The Girl from the Green Dimension
Series Lost in Space
Season Two
Original Air-Date January 4, 1967
Written By Peter Packer
Directed By Nathan Juran
Episode Chronology
Order in Series 45th in Series
Order in Season 16th in Season
Previous Episode "The Golden Man"
Next Episode "The Questing Beast"
Title Image

While peeking through the telescope, Will and Doctor Smith see the green lady Athena! She also sees them and she comes to their planet. Smith gets scared and runs back to camp. The green lady follows them, and Smith hides out in the spaceship.

The next day Smith decides not to be afraid because he thinks Athena can help him see the future. As he is looking for her, a green man appears who seems to be very angry. Athena arrives and tells Smith the green man is Urso, a creature from her own world who wants to be her mate. Athena prefers Smith as a mate because she thinks he is pretty like a girl. Smith pretends that he does love her so she will teach him the powers to see the future.

Urso decides that he likes Will and turns the boy completely green! The Robinsons are upset when they find out it won’t wash off, but they all still love Will anyway. Smith tries to get Athena to change Will back, but she says that only Urso has the power to do so. She also says Urso wants to fight Smith to the death to win Athena as a mate. Smith is frightened and doesn’t want to fight, but Athena says if he won’t, then he must not love her and she will leave.

John insists that Smith confront Urso and make him change Will back into a normal boy again. Smith peeks into the future to see the outcome of the fight, and sees the Robinsons having a funeral so he assumes he is going to be killed. The funeral is actually for a broken piece of machinery, but Smith doesn’t know that and starts making his own tombstone.

Will doesn’t want Smith to die, so he runs to Athena to ask for her help. The Robot feels that since he already knows he is going to die, Smith might as well fight Urso anyway. Will convinces Athena that Smith is not brave and will certainly be killed if he has to face Urso.

The fight starts and Urso nearly tears Doctor Smith apart, but Athena intervenes in time to save him from injury. She decides to take Urso as her mate and they go back to the green dimension together, changing Will back to his original color before they depart.

Background Information

  • Athena, the green woman from Wild Adventure makes her return.
  • If the Deutronium that Athena feeds on is a liquid that she drinks, why do the containers rattle?
  • When peeking into the future and seeing his funeral, Smith knows it is for him because he says “they’re all there but me.” However, Will and the Robot were not there.
  • It's understandable that John Robinson had to bury the broken part because it was radioactive, but why the human-sized grave? Why the little rocks as markers? Why did they give it a funeral service??
  • There’s a very confusing moment at the beginning of this episode. The green lady chases Smith back to the Jupiter 2. The very next day, his attitude toward her has completely changed. How did Doctor Smith know her name was Athena? Why did he stop being afraid of her? How does he figure she can help him see the future?
  • Vitina Marcus returns as green alien, 'Athena.' Her name was 'Lorelei' in the previous episode, 'Wild Adventure.'
  • Harry Raybould played the part of Urso, who changes Will to green.


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