This page contains a list of characters referred to in Lost in Space but who do not appear.


Penny, Verda, and Judy

Formale was the first being to venture into space. According to Verda in the episode "The Android Machine," he was from the planet Orion 5, and his name means 'explorer' in his language. He built a spacecraft in the 6,000th year of his planet's history, but his comrades said it would never fly. His ultimate fate is unknown.

Great Aunt Maude SmithEdit

Zachary and Jeremiah Smith

The Smith cousins, Zachary and Jeremiah

Great Aunt Maude Smith was the matriarch of the Smith Clan. She was rich, arrogant, untrustworthy and most likely mean. Maude had an unknown number of nephews, a number which was most likely dropping due to all of them wanting to inherit their great aunt's money. Thaddeus Smith may have been Maude's late husband, though he may also have been someone else after her fortune. Maude's last will and testament provided that the sole surviving Smith would receive her entire fortune, a fortune worth millions of dollars. At one point, the number of potential heirs was down to ten of her nephews, at which point the remainder of them made an attempt at a peaceful solution to resolve the inheritance. Unfortunately, the result made the Saint Valentine's day massacre look like a tea party.

Little JoeEdit

Gambling Machine

Little Joe's gambling machine

Little Joe (Allan Melvin, voice, uncredited) was never seen, but his voice was heard several times throughout the episode "Curse of Cousin Smith" when Jeremiah Smith contacts him. He is a gangster to whom Smith owes money, and is willing to strike a deal with him in order to recoup his losses. To that end, he agrees to Jeremiah's request to send a gambling machine (which speaks with Little Joe's voice) to the planet where the Robinsons are.

Thaddeus SmithEdit

Uncle Thaddeus

Uncle Thaddeus?

Thaddeus Smith was Dr. Zachary Smith's uncle. Dr. Smith told Nerim that Thaddeus was a prospector of some kind in "Blast Off Into Space." In "Ghost in Space," Dr. Smith believes that an invisible monster (in fact, a creature from a radioactive bog in the area) is his uncle returned from beyoned the grave—this question is not specifically resolved in the script. In "The Golden Man" Dr. Smith mentions spending many summers at Thaddeus' farm. It is unknown what relationship Thaddeus was to Jeremiah Smith—father or uncle.

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