• Jimbotc2014

    Below is a very close tentative estimate of my personal stellar first season (1965-66) episode rankings of LOST IN SPACE. All these classic B&W episodes, as a matter of fact, also make up my personal top twenty-nine episodes of the entire series. I hardly, hardly ever watch any episodes anymore, so it is slightly difficult for me to recall accurate rankings from my good old prime viewing days. This is far and away the superior, definitive, elite and best season.

    1. 1-01 The Reluctant Stowaway 2. 1-04 There Were Giants In The Earth 3. 1-05 The Hungry Sea 4. 1-02 The Derelict 5. 1-03 Island In The Sky 6. 1-07 My Friend, Mr. Nobody 7. 1-11 Wish Upon A Star 8. 1-29 Follow The Leader 9. 1-16 The Keeper Part 1 10. 1-17 The Keeper Part II 11. 1-15…

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