John, possessed by Canto, prepares to kill Will.


John defeats 'Canto' and saves Will.


I will try to write here what are the semblances and differences between John Robinson/Canto (Lost in Space - Follow the Leader) and Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader (Star Wars).

  • What does Canto want from John Robinson? His courage and boldness.
  • What does Palpatine want from Anakin? His Force.
  • How does Canto seduce John Robinson by the dark side? Exploiting his anguish: His children lost in space... John Robinson is a father that wants to help his children to go back to Earth.. But he does not have the power to do this. Canto has this power. But Canto wants others things from John Robinson.
  • How does Palpatine seduce Anakin by the dark side? Exploiting his anguish: Anakin is afraid of death his wife.
  • Semblance: John and Anakin, after of the seduction, both of them commit a crimes. But in Anakin the crimes are the worst.
  • Why does not John Robinson submit to the dark side? Because he is afraid of the death of his son, Will.
  • Why does Anakin submit to the dark side? Because he has the distrust from Obi Wan Kenobi and his wife is becoming hostage from his resentment. Twenty years later his son Luke saves him by the dark side.
  • John Robinson is a light in life to his children because he is a good father and his positive presence.
  • Anakin has becoming a shadow in the life his children because of his absence.
  • The End: the facts that took John Robinson and Anakin to the dark side are different. But the transformation John/Canto and Anakin/Vader is very alike.

I think that George Lucas knows about this in Follow the Leader and found his hoard!

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