• Slyufo

    Hi Fellow LIS fans

    I have uploaded the intros from seasons 1 to 3 from the Bluray release and stitched them together.

    They are actually not the real intro's but the menu selection for the three season discs

    The quality is awesome on bluray so much more detail and the colour in seasons two and three are so vibrant but natural, even the first season black and white episodes display deeper blacks and white, a real treat to watch and worth the expense of the box set.

    I have the link (from my webpage) posted in the Video section of this wiki or you can go to it directly here:



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  • Slyufo

    Hi LIS fans

    I created a 24min video summary of all the season 3 coming attractions/cliffhanger that were at the end of each episode.

    I added the countdown intro and ended the video with "sparkling credits".  It was time consuming to do but fun non the less.

    The video is linked below in the pic

    You can also locate this in the video section of this wiki or in the season 3 section of this wiki @ the comments field by me right at end of page

    Hope you enjoy the production !!


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