John defeats 'Canto' and saves Will.


I've seen inerviews of Bill Mumy where he recounts his "Lost In Space" adventures. After all...we have to be honest and say he was the star of the show...along with Jonathan Harris (Dr. Smith), and the Robot.

However, he rarely mentions his other castmates. I personally would want him to talk about Guy Williams, who played his father, John Robinson. The character of 'John Robinson' has been voted one of the most popular tv dads in tv history. Many fans grew up watching Lost In Space and considered John Robinson as a surrogate dad. I wish Mumy would talk about his real relationship with Williams. They portrayed such a loving father and son that it often touched the matter how silly some of the episodes were.

The one person who Will seemed closest to was his father, John Robinson. Yes...even closer than the Robot or Dr. Smith. Will considered himself a younger version of his father...and was constantly making an effort for his father to be proud of him. Will looked up to his father in a unique and profound way. One severe glance from John could easily ruin Will's day because he looked up so highly to his father. It was obvious to viewers that Will wanted to please John and that the boy had placed his father on a pedistal.

I had read on Guy Williams site that he had been personally disappointed with the show. Williams was promised the lead having starred in such hits as "Zorro," and was expecting great things from "Lost In Space."

However, the show took another turn...and Williams (along with others of the cast) quickly became an unimportant background character. I read that Williams attempted to put the show back on make it more scientific and realistic...and to lesson the silly antics of Dr. Smith, the Robot, and even Will.

This obviously did not happen....and I heard that Williams just gave up, and did as he was told...and relegated himself to becoming a background actor.

I wonder if Mumy was aware of these circumstances? He was only a young boy at the time. Mumy could have witnessed some very un-John-like behavior from Williams. I do know that Williams was very unhappy during parts of the show's history. I wonder if Mumy felt that Willaims was partly attacking him....when Williams argued to put the show back on course....and to share the limelight with the ENTIRE cast.

Perhaps this cast a shadow between Williams and Mumy's personal relationship. Perhaps there actually was never a relationship between them to begin with...they are after all....actors.

However, when I watch certain episodes and I see Will's eyes light up when he see's his is hard to believe that it was ONLY acting.

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