I really do appreciate the anonymous user who has come in and linked certain characters and names so they could link over to other pages.

Somebody didn't put in the right information for the Bubble Creatures, so when I clicked on it, it went nowhere - page does not exist. When I fixed the spelling errors, the link was now linkable.

If your link is BLUE, everything should be fine, when it's RED, then there is a problem. Either you put in the characters wrong, or misspelled something...or the page may not be there to link with. Someone tried to link a page with "Phanzig" - however if you click Phanzig, the page goes blank because something was wrong with that link. First of all, there would have to be a "Phanzig" Page in the first place. I couldn't find a "Phanzig" with the search button, so he must not have a page all to his own. That's why the PHANZIG link wouldn't work. Another mistake was "Supernova." Somebody made the word Supernova into a link, however, there is NO page for Supernova. If you want to add in your own links, be sure there is a page to link with to begin with. Make sure your spelling and code are all good. If you're link is BLUE, you're good to go. If the link is RED, then you just put in a bad link. I'm going through the pages that have bad links and will try to fix them. But it does NO good to fix them, when somebody comes in right behind me and puts them back in. REMEMBER - BLUE links = Good / RED links = bad


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