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Dr Smith, Major West, and Will and Penny Robinson
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Will Robinson
Blast off will
Portrayed By Bill Mumy (TV Series)
Jack Johnson (Movie)
Jared Harris (Older-Movie)
LIS Will Robinson
First Appearance "No Place to Hide"
Last Appearance "Junkyard of Space"
Gender Male
Race Human
Mother Maureen Robinson
Father John Robinson
Sister(s) Judy Robinson
Penny Robinson

Will is the youngest of the Robinson children. He is an electronics whiz capable of keeping the Robot well maintained and operating properly. One of Will's downfalls is his intense curiosity which frequently puts him in harm's way. Will is often unable to distinguish between good and evil, as evident by the large number of deviants with whom he seeks friendship. Will is both a trouble-maker and a hero. His reckless actions often endanger the entire Robinson family, while on the other hand, his common sense has saved lives on numerous occasions. Will is extremely loyal to his family, and has even developed strong friendship with Dr. Smith (who really doesn't deserve any such admiration). Despite Will’s age, he is able to confront the uncertainties of being marooned in space.

Will RobinsonEdit

Will Robinson
Portrayed By Ryan Malgarini
Only Appearance "The Robinsons: Lost in Space"
First Appearance 2004 Unaired Pilot
Gender Male
Race Human
Mother Dr. Maureen Robinson
Father Colonel John Robinson
Brother(s) David Robinson
Sister(s) Judy Robinson
Penny Robinson

Ryan Malgarini played the part of Will Robinson in the 2004 unaired pilot "The Robinson - Lost In Space." Will is one of the few characters who pretty much stays the same in this adaption as he is in the original series. However in this version, although ten-year-old Will is still the third child...he now has an older teen brother named David, a teen sister named Judy, and a infant baby sister named Penny. (Note: Both David and Judy Robinson appear to be about the same age. It is possible that they are fraternal twins. However, there is no way to prove this.) In this version, Will is the creator of the Robot. Will creates the Robot in a building beside his house on Earth in order to protect himself from school bullies. Will is obviously still the genious and still the closest to his father. Like in the original version, Will is quite the Daddy's boy. Will manages to save the Jupiter II at the end of the pilot when he opens a box containing the Robot, and hooks the Robot's power source to the Jupiter II power the Jupiter II the power to outrun the aliens who are after them. Instead of the silver astronaught suit, these Robinsons wore a two piece white suit that was closable all the way to the collar.


The Ballad of Will Robinson (by Bill Mumy)

The Ballad of William Robinson(03:08)

These are the words to the "Ballad of William Robinson" that Bill Mumy wrote. The video to this ballad can be seen above. 

The Ballad of Williams Robinson

My name is William Robinson and I’m forty-two years old,

I’ve seen the hot side of the sun, I’ve seen blue icy cold.

I shot the one-eyed giant down with laser in my hand,

And I’ll never see my home again or walk on Earth’s green land.

In 1997, we set out on the Jupiter Two,

Bound for Alpha Centauri, my family and small crew.

We ran into a meteor storm, the wrong time and wrong place,

It’s been six months and thirty years since we’ve been lost in space.

My father died five years ago, there was no better man than he,

My mother’s never been the same , so now it’s up to me.

Our pilot is a handsome man, my sisters both could tell,

And Dr. Smith could get us killed, but that may be just as well.

I’ve worked the mines of many worlds to fuel and power our ship,

I’ve got a robot for a friend and to help along our trip.

I’m sending out this message now from this ungodly place,

In hope that someone will rescue us from being lost in space.

My name is William Robinson, I’ll never take a wife,

No children will I father, I have no normal life.

Show me mercy in this universe or show me God’s true grace,

Amidst I am among the stars for I am lost in space.


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